What is the Source of Your Value?

As I walked at sunrise this morning I talked with God. (Not an actual conversation, but I talked to God and He spoke to my mind, silently, in my thoughts.)

Here’s how it went:

“What do you want to say to me this morning, Lord?”

“Let’s talk about your thoughts and feelings.”

“What about my thoughts and feelings, Lord?  I’m not thinking or feeling anything.”

“We need to talk about your thoughts and feelings because that’s who you are.”

I walked a little way, meditating on that thought.  No matter what’s going on on the outside, my thoughts and feelings are what I really am.  That’s what God sees, and cares about.

I thought I wasn’t thinking or feeling anything this morning, but as I walked some stuff came bubbling to the surface.

Feelings of inadequacy.  Failure. That I’m worth nothing.

I’m comparing myself to another woman who has written books, earned a degree, adopted a child, speaks publicly, all while homeschooling her children.

And me? Why can’t I do as much as she does? What’s wrong with me? I should give up writing…

My feelings of valueless-ness brought pain and despair.  Why even bother to try then? I’m never going to achieve anything great…

As I walked, God spoke again.

“You’re looking for your value in the wrong place. It’s not in what you can do, but what I did for you. I placed value on you when I died for you.  That’s your value yardstick.” (I have tears in my eyes as I write.)

Oh, Love that awakens love in my heart.

The truth is, I am precious in His sight.  God says so:

“Since you are precious and honoured in My sight, and because I love you, I will give men in exchange for you, and people in exchange for your life.” Isaiah 43:4 (NIV)

My performance cannot change my value.  It is fixed.  Fixed because Christ died for me.  He saw something in me that He wanted and loved.

And that is enough.

You and I need to stop going to the false sources of value – work, performance, friends, clothes, money, achievements, possessions, our kids, our spouse (or girlfriend/boyfriend).

We need to go to the true source – Christ and His love for us –  and find our value there.

One of my favourite spots in Namibia is Ongongo.  A small pool of warm-ish water that appears out of nowhere in the harsh, rocky land that surrounds it.  On our recent visit there Richard and I walked up to the source of that pool.  We found it near an enormous tree. It trickles out from a nondescript hole in the ground, becoming a stream that leads to a small waterfall. There, at its base, people swim and enjoy the clear water, even in winter.

Warm pool
Richard & Ryan at the waterfall


It’s a small spring that provides water for local livestock, and pleasure for tourists in a hot, thirsty land.

Without that small stream the wilderness surrounding it would be a desolate place.

The source of this wilderness gem is tiny but its impact is great.

Let Christ be the source of your value, your satisfaction.  Let Him be the source of your thoughts and feelings, your joy and peace.

“…all my springs (fountain, source) are in Thee.”  Psalm 87:7

And then let Him decide what your achievements should be.

Go forward quietly, do faithfully the work that God’s providence assigns, and your life will not be in vain.

Where do you turn for value? Are you looking in the wrong place?

Warm pool
Richard enjoying the warm pool

About The Author

Jennifer Lovemore

Jennifer has diplomas in relationship counselling and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), is a certified SYMBIS facilitator, and is certified in TPM (Transformation Prayer Minsitry). She lives in South Africa, has three grown children, and is married to her best friend – Richard.


  1. Betty Staples | 19th Jul 18

    Hi. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog this morning. Inspirational. Thank you.

  2. Lauren van der Merwe | 19th Jul 18

    This spoke to me too. God’s love is Soo amazing! Thank you.

  3. Fred Rowe-Rowe | 20th Jul 18

    Thanx, Jenny,
    Without the Living Water in our lives, we too would be “desolate”.
    Blessings to you folks…

    • Jenny Lovemore | 20th Jul 18

      Aboslutely. Our only problem is that we forget where that Living Water is…

  4. Magda | 23rd Jul 18


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