Why we offer personalised coaching:

Personalised coaching is the fastest route to change because it is totally customised for your specific needs. It will get you on the road to healthy, happy relationships.

Spiritual Growth Coaching Package


Investing in your relationship with God is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for your relationships. Let us help you:

  • Learn to surrender to God in the moment. If you implement this one thing it will change your life and impact all your relationships.
  • Figure out what’s holding you back from having the relationship with God you want.
  • Develop robust faith.
  • Get a consistent devotional life going.
  • Break free from the things that separate you from God.
  • Learn to recognise God’s voice speaking to you.
  • Develop a healthy prayer life.
  • Learn to walk and talk with Jesus every moment of the day.
  • Experience change that comes from being connected with God.

Don’t settle for mediocre. Get on the path to a vibrant relationship with God today.

Consists of:

  • 4x 1 hour sessions
  • Worksheets
  • 30 Days to a Quiet Time Habit Book/Workbook
  • 1 Year Bible reading plan

Parenting Coaching Package


Personalised mentoring in this area will help you:

  • Learn to be a surrendered parent, under the discipline of God, and consulting Him
  • Learn how to teach your kids to surrender
  • Figure out your parenting style
  • Get the basic fundamentals established so that you can build on them
  • Avoid common parenting mistakes
  • Find alternative discipline ideas
  • Regain authority in your home
  • Learn how to discipline without anger
  • Build friendship with your children and enjoy them

Consists of:

  • 5x 1hr sessions
  • Worksheets

Emotional Health Coaching Package

Why should you pursue this? Because your past affects your current relationships. Always. Unless you have worked through it and are on the road to healing.


In this area we will help you:

  • Work through past hurts and begin the journey of healing
  • Break free from things that have held you in bondage for years
  • Develop healthy boundaries for yourself
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Learn to recognise triggers and trauma responses
  • Learn to like yourself
  • Identify lies you believe about yourself and receive God’s truth about them

Consists of:

  • 4x 1hr sessions
  • Worksheets

Productivity Coaching Package


  • Determine your most important priorities, led by God
  • Create a schedule/routine that works for you and your family
  • Unlock time-management skills
  • Set achievable goals
  • Get rid of chaos and overwhelm
  • Regain control of your life

Consists of:

  • 4x 1hr sessions
  • Worksheets

Personal Development Coaching Package


  • Discover your life areas that need growth
  • Write achievable goals that inspire you
  • Knock out limiting beliefs and things that hold you back
  • Grow yourself as a person and find your true purpose in life
  • Learn skills to keep you moving forward in life
  • Increase your self-awareness and live intentionally

Consists of:

  • 5 sessions
  • Worksheets

Marriage Coaching

We are certified SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) facilitators. SYMBIS is a relationship assessment tool for engaged or married couples that gives you a personalised roadmap for your marriage.

Find out how well your personalities mesh, how your ideas of roles in the home or sex differ, how you can improve your communication and conflict resolution.

Send us an email at lovemore@lovemoretolive.com to find out how you can do the assessment and get your relationship moving in the right direction.

Not interested in the assessment but have specific questions about love, sex or marriage? Email us at lovemore@lovemoretolive.com to send us a question or make an appointment.

We can help you:

  • Learn how moment by moment surrender impacts your marriage
  • Learn how your past affects your marriage
  • Learn to communicate better
  • Resolve conflict
  • Improve your sex life – if you’re married, of course!
  • Prepare for a great sex life – if you’re not married yet
  • Learn what your spouse’s needs are and how to meet them

Please Note: Because marriage coaching has so many variables we don’t provide a package but charge per hour instead. Please contact us @ lovemore@lovemoretolive.com for payment details.

couple in wedding attire sitting out in nature
Brandon & Jamie


What Brandon and Jamie say about the SYMBIS assessment and premarital counseling they received:

We can’t explain how much valuable knowledge we gained through marriage counselling with Richard and Jennifer. We will always be truly grateful for the love and support we received in preparation for our big day.

We learned how to express our individual needs to each other, what our personal conflict challenges could be, and how to face them together. This has helped us to understand how to deal with certain situations and that communication is key, meaning that conflicts often get resolved before they even happen.

Before these counselling sessions, our knowledge was truly lacking as we had never experienced living with a partner. Richard and Jenny provided a safe environment for us to share any insecurities we had and made us feel at home.

We highly recommend these marriage counselling sessions to any couples who are looking to take the next step in their relationship.

How it works

We coach via a Whatsapp call or Zoom, or face to face if we are in your area or you want to come and see us. Set up an appointment with us be emailing us at lovemore@lovemoretolive.com.

Send us an email to find out payment options in your currency or if you need a payment plan instead of a once off payment.

Email: lovemore@lovemoretolive.com