10 Things to Pray for Sexual Intimacy with Your Spouse

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Why should you pray about your physical relationship with your spouse?

Because it’s under attack. The devil knows that sexual intimacy bonds a couple and represents the love and passion God has for us. And He hates that.

Married couples need to counter Satan’s attacks on their intimacy by praying for it.

Including God in our intimacy through prayer brings His blessing. (I’ve written here about God in the Bedroom – Connecting God and Sex.)

One specific blessing of praying over our sexual relationship is that it will keep it pure. But, pure doesn’t mean boring.

Including God increases passion. And pure passion is the best kind!

What should you pray for your sexual relationship?

  1. Pray that you will both be filled with a sense of wonder and that love will wash over you and your spouse as you make love.
  2. Pray that you will be selfless in your lovemaking. It is more blessed to give than to receive – this is especially true in the area of pleasing your spouse.
  3. Pray that your mind will be free of distractions so that you can think of nothing but your spouse and the pleasure you both can experience.
  4. Pray that God will bond you and your spouse through love-making – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  
  5. Pray for right thoughts and feelings as you make love. This is especially helpful for the lower-drive spouse who may not always feel the desire for intimacy.
  6. Thank God for a body that can feel the intense pleasure of arousal and sexual fulfilment.
  7. Thank God for your spouse’s body, their smell, their touch, their voice, their love, how their skin feels against yours, and for lips that kiss.
  8. Pray that you will heal from sexual issues from the past so that you can enjoy sex the way God intended it to be.
  9. Pray that you will see sex the way God sees it, not how the world portrays it.
  10. Pray that you will be able to experience sex to its fullest potential – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The thought of praying about sex may leave you feeling awkward, but God made it, so why not ask for His blessing upon it?

Take time to pray together for God’s blessing on your sexual relationship.

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