How to Increase Happy Hormones Naturally

Everyone wants to be happy. To feel good about life, themselves, their relationships.  

But, we often make the mistake of waiting for circumstances to change so that we can be happy.

The truth is that your attitude is what determines happiness and if you’re on a never-ending pursuit of happiness, you may never find it because it’s not something that’s tangible.

It’s more a state of mind.

Having said that, there are ways to improve your mood other than just a change of attitude – and you can do this by boosting the right hormones in your body.

By boosting your happy hormones, you can increase your contentment, sense of connection, and general happiness in a very short time.

What are the 4 happiness hormones?

First, what are the happiness hormones?

Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. Once released by glands into your blood stream, they act on various organs and tissues to control everything from the way your body functions to how you feel.”

One important function of hormones is to regulate your mood.

The four happiness hormones are Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins and Oxytocin.

Let’s take a closer look at these hormones:


Serotonin is a natural mood booster. It can stave off depression and provide a feeling of euphoria. This hormone regulates mood, sleep, digestion, cognitive functions, concentration, and appetite. About 95% of serotonin is produced in the gut so it’s important to eat well.


Dopamine is the reward and pleasure hormone. This hormone plays a role in directing your brain’s reward system. It can increase feelings of pleasure, and has a lot to do with motivation and memory. Shopping, sex and eating (or smelling) food you love, all release this hormone.


Endorphins are the brain’s natural pain killer, helping reduce stress and pain, and create a feeling of well-being. Released during exercise, eating, and strenuous activities.


Oxytocin is the love hormone, released when feelings of affection are involved. It strengthens relationships, helping us bond with loved ones.

Levels generally increase with physical affection.

It’s released when you hug or cuddle, and during breastfeeding, creating a bond between mother and child. It’s also released during sex and when you fall in love.

It helps promote trust, empathy, and bonding in relationships.

How to increase happy hormones in your body naturally

Instead of taking supplements, here’s how you can increase these hormones in your body naturally:


  • Sun exposure
  • Mindfulness (practicing being present and aware and thankful for what is around you)
  • Being in nature
  • Exercise daily – walking in nature is great
  • Eating foods rich in tryptophan (which gets converted into serotonin)– flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, tofu, beans, lentils, pumpkin seeds, nuts, oats, buckwheat, eggs, (basically all vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains.)
  • Massage
  • Eating carbs – choose healthy, high-fibre carbs such as whole grain bread
  • Natural supplements including Vitamin D and Omega 3’s
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Recalling happy memories
  • Caring for a small garden or watering your plants


  • Eating food
  • Achieving a goal
  • Completing a task
  • Self-care activities
  • Sleep 7-9 hours a night
  • Exercise
  • Massage
  • Setting realistic goals and achieving them – tidying your desk or sticking to your workout schedule, making your bed or doing a small chore you’ve been putting off. Developing a routine.
  • Listening to music you love – especially if it gives you chills
  • Natural supplements: probiotics, curcumin, magnesium, Vitamin D
  • Eating foods high in tyrosine (which gets converted to Dopamine) – avocadoes, bananas, pumpkin and sesame seeds


  • Exercise
  • Listen to music
  • Watch a movie
  • Laugh
  • Do something creative
  • Receive a massage
  • Play – be a kid again!
  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin C
  • Get outside in the sun


  • Socialising
  • Physical touch – hugging, massage, cuddling
  • Petting animals
  • Helping others
  • Giving a genuine compliment – “You are a true friend” “Our conversations inspire me”  “Thanks for being a great listener”
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Being kind to others
  • Doing something you love – a hobby, playing an instrument, making crafts or learning a new recipe
  • Natural supplements include Vitamin D and C, Magnesium
  • Exercise
  • Music – especially when singing in a group, adding to the element of bonding

What does the Bible say about happiness?

While there are lots of physical ways to hack your happy hormones, ultimate happiness comes from God.

When you seek God with all your heart, you will find true happiness.

Here’s what the Bible says about happiness:

Psalm 144:15 “…Happy is that people whose God is the Lord.”

Psalm 146:5 “Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God.”

Proverbs 3:13 “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.”

Proverbs 16:20 “…Whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.”

Proverbs 29:18   “…He that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

There are lots of ways to boost your happy hormones naturally. Make a point of scheduling some of these activities into your life so you can feel better, fast!

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